do you think you're ready...?

You have made it this far, it is only fair that I tell you a few secrets. Most of these secrets are about Mod Himiko, as Mod Himiko is the only one who has worked on this page. You are most likely here because you're looking for the hidden secret that I promised. You'll find more about that soon.

What can make you move?.

Mod Himiko coded this website herself, completely from scratch.

Mod Ouma and Mod Himiko have been friends for at least two years. They became friends when they were both in the Steven Universe fandom. Mod Ouma was one of Mod Himiko's first online friends and is also the online friend Mod Himiko has had the longest.

Mod Himiko is fifteen years old

Decoding this message will lead you to Mod Himiko's art account: 19 5 14 26 9 18 1 14.

Mystery-san was Mod Shui all along.

Mod Himiko's Youtube channel. Perhaps you recognize some of the videos?

The hidden secret can be found if you solve this: It is in a hidden area. It is buried deep beneath the components. You'll need a computer to access it, as the hidden secret itself is only accessible by computer. It'll make more sense when you find it, if you CAN find it, that is. Here's a hint: 010010010110111001110011011100000110010101100011011101000010000001100101011011000110010101101101011001010110111001110100.

mod himiko's favorite number is 88. Can you guess why?

mod himikos favorite song is kimagure mercy by miku and nico's solo version of korekara no someday. And also the Kekkai Sensen ending theme.

mod himiko, kirumi, shui, and several other mods love making danganronpa ocs. ok mod kirumi is stinky and said that her ocs arent danganronpa ocs specifically, but she does sometimes use her ocs for danganronpa rps and stuff.

mod kirumi is stinky but i love her

That's all I have for you so far. Good luck with the hidden secret!